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       To promote our Festivals we use the following:


·      400 posters put up in a 30 mile radius of Totnes with special emphasis on Totnes itself

·      Multiple posts, boosts and sharing with groups on facebook instagram and Twitter

·      Roadside advertising boards on all main roads into Totnes facing in both directions

·      Banners on railings near Morrisons,  and opposite the Dartmouth Road Junction and at the Civic Hall

·      Adverts in Western Morning News, Dartmouth Times, Totnes News, Totnes Times, South Hams Newspapers,                                    Mid-Devon Advertiser and the Moorlander


·      Adverts with Merlin’s Diary, Bookastall, Events Hub, Devon and Cornwall Spirit Guide, Stall and Craft Collective

·      Handing out leaflets in the High Street and the Market Square on both days of the Festival

·      4 Radio stations

·      Various Spiritualist churches and centres



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