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                                                           Terms and Conditions: 


Bookings, Deposits and Payments 

An initial 50% is required with the submission of the booking form.                                                                                                          Payment in full for your stand is due no later than the date on the booking form


Setting up / Dismantling:  


Exhibitor access for the setting up of stands is from 8.00: am on the day of the show.  However should you require access prior to this time please let us know.   


We would ask that all boxes, bags and the like are removed from the gangways before 9.45a.m., so that the venue can be checked from a Health & Safety perspective prior to opening.  


Stand clearance is not permitted until 4.30p.m. as early dismantling has an unsettling effect on the public and other exhibitors.  


Stand Content & Activities:  


Bookings are accepted on the basis of the description of products and services entered on the booking form only.  


Only one reader is permitted per reader stand, unless by prior written agreement.  Candles may be used at most venues but when leaving the stand, even for a few minutes, must be extinguished. Rainbows End accepts no responsibility for any injury you may sustain should you light candles.  


All exhibitors should act with consideration for others, including fellow exhibitors, the visitors to the event and Rainbows End staff.  Please ensure activities on your stand such as music or incense burning are not an intrusion to others.  




We limit the number of stands in certain categories such as readers, crystals , jewellery , aura camera and Reiki, and bookings are accepted on a first come, first served basis until the category is full. If you are in one of the  categories mentioned, please book early. For a booking to be accepted we need a completed booking form, along with a 50% deposit of the stand price 




All cancellations must be by email to give maximum notice.  In the event of cancellation, deposits are non refundable within 8 weeks of the Festival.   Full payment is only refundable if we are able to re let your space.




Exhibitors are required to act in accordance with the law and to insure themselves against any claims that may arise in connection with any product or service that they offer.  




Position cannot be guaranteed. While every effort will be made to accommodate such requests as “wall stand”, 

“corner stand” etc, if demand exceeds availability, these will be allocated at our discretion 




Electricity can be made available on your stand at no extra cost,  but you are required to supply your own extension leads and adapters to reach the nearest supply point. All cables must be secured and taped down with hazard tape to prevent accidents and Rainbows End cannot accept responsibility for liability incurred from exhibitor’s trailing cables.  


Any appliances or extensions used should be in a good state of repair with no obvious defects and carry the appropriate fuse for the appliance.   All equipment you provide should have evidence of being PAT tested.  



Talks, Demonstrations & Workshops:  


All talks, demonstrations and workshops are presented free of charge to the public. These provide a great opportunity for you to promote your business and activities. We see the talks as an important means of educating and informing the public.   If you wish to present a talk/demonstration/workshop , please complete the section on the booking form and return for our records with accompanying information if necessary.  In the event of high demand, talk slots will be allocated at our discretion 


Insurance & Security:  


Exhibitors are responsible for the safety of their stands and their own Public Liabilities insurance, as well as cover for stock and equipment.   You should have the appropriate professional indemnity insurance & appropriate disclaimer  


Exhibitors must hold a minimum of £1m Public liability, extended to cover their participation at the event. In addition to Public Liability, therapists are advised to  hold a minimum of £1m Products/Treatment Liability.  

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