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                                                                My shop website is











                                                                                                       KAREN PERFITT

I'm delighted to be offering Reiki taster sessions throughout the weekend at the Rainbow’s End Holistic Wellbeing and Natural Crafts Festival. Come and experience the power of Reiki for yourself.

I have been a holistic therapist since 2011 and decided to focus on Reiki full time from 2017. Once I had experienced and witnessed the incredible healing benefits of Reiki there was just no turning back. I became a Usui/Holy fire II Reiki master/teacher in 2017. Alongside my training courses from level I to master level I still continue to provide Reiki sessions at my treatment room in Torquay and I provide a mobile service for people who are unable to travel. I also offer free distant  Reiki sessions.
















                                                                                                  LEAH'S FEATHERS







                                                                                                  SARAH WALKER



The Fairy Circle stocks a wide selection of incense, ash catchers and smudge sticks. We also specialise in mystical, magical and gothic giftware. This includes purses, bags, pictures, dreamcatchers, mugs, clocks, fridge magnets, glasses cases… the list goes on! The gifts we sell feature witches, fairies, unicorns, the green man, wolves, dragons and anything else mystical, magical and wonderful.









                                                                                              STEVE HIGHHAWK


 Having been always drawn to the Native American culture from a young boy due to its aspects of Nature, and how living with it you become to have an understanding with it and become part of it. Having a natural instinct in making all items from there way of life and sold world wide, the Flute was a continuation of a path for me to follow, and teach myself how to play. By way of thinking from the heart and being a visionary I have become a conduit in feeling the emotions that appear before me.

If you would like to learn to play this amazing emotional, haunting instrument then I can help by way of 1 to 1 .

30 min taster or 1 hr.
















                                                                                                  ANN MASON

No FRILLS Cosmetics manufactures by hand, small batches of natural facial products which are designed for sensitive skin, and 99% being vegan friendly. They are not tested on animals.

 This venture started when I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Whilst undergoing Chemotherapy I was advised not to use any products on my skin that contained perfumes as my skin would be very sensitive. Being naturally inquisitive I researched as much as I could and became aware that some ingredients used in products used on the skin can be absorbed, and I came to the conclusion that ‘natural’ products would be best for me. Natural substances being of botanical, mineral or animal origin.

There are a lot of natural products on the market but they are often expensive. Having been involved in manufacturing for over 30 years I had a light bulb moment and thought ‘ I can make that myself ’


I am a registered Pharmacy Technician and have a Diploma in Pharmaceutical Technology and Quality Assurance. My ‘day job’ is as Deputy Production Manager in an NHS Manufacturing Unit producing Pharmaceutical products. I have worked in product manufacturing for over 30 years. I have manufactured external products including creams, ointments, lotions and potions. I have transferred these skills to natural moisturiser. I adhere to the European Cosmetics Regulation for consumer safety.


I gift £1 from each sale to Bosom Pals my Breast Cancer Support Group. Sporadically I will donate to other breast cancer charities too.















                                                                                            MICHELLE INGLETON

Venues Coordinator for Devon Wildlife Trust


South West Wildlife Fundraising Ltd (SWWFL)

Phone:  01392 428731


Address: Cricklepit Mill, Commercial Road, Exeter, Devon, EX2 4AB


Working hours: Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 9.30am – 2.30pm

SWWFL is wholly owned by eight Wildlife Trusts across the South and West.

Working together, we reduce our costs ensuring even more is raised to protect our wildlife and countryside.







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